About the accurate expression : point of view by Michel Mondet

consulting projectsAbout the accurate expression in our consulting projects business

Our business, which consists to perform assessments, conduct studies and manage projects, requires a high degree of precision and attention to details. We all think at the intellectual rigour, with the respect of facts, not to confuse point of view, perception and information. And it is true: one of our added-values for our customers is to bring this intellectual rigour.

But if we go in the details of our missions, we continue to see that this rigor is still applying, especially in the wordings. Indeed, our consultants must take into consideration concepts: a construction is not a definition; an implementation is not a roadmap, etc. …Even if, sometimes, confusion is also on customer’s side. What does “an organisation needs more efficient” mean? Productivity? Processing lead-time? Coherency in the tasks’ split within the team? What about the invitation to tender or the business requirements specifications expressed for consultants is not necessarily written by the project manager or the leader in charge of the business requirements.

Our business thus depends much on the good expression, i.e. the “capability to well express the issues and topics”. Nowadays, with the combination of an economic globalization and a large diversity of cultures and professional backgrounds, companies are becoming multiform. In such conditions, it is really mandatory to set up a common comprehension of our languages and mutual comprehensions.  Be extremely precise in our languages and our communications is even more true nowadays then before. Now that free expression has taken place into corporations, it would be a shame to waste it because of a lack of “true expression”.