Strategy covers two issues:

  • the medium term economical perspective of an economic sector;
  • the medium term business perspectives for a given company.

In the last issue, which Akeance Consulting in involved in, strategy is often the word used for the development of a medium term plan of the company’s business. And more often than not, strategic planning relies on a medium term goal such as: reach a 10% market share, enter the top 3 of the industry leaders, achieve a desired volume of sales, etc.

These strategic plans are built on two strong constraints: the current and the future situation.

Akeance Consulting strategic approach relies on the resources needed and/or on the capacity to expand. In other words, the future situation is not a “constraint” but a mid-term outcome of the optimisation and the reinforcement of the company’s current capabilities.

For instance, strategic plans often include ambitious hiring plans to reinforce the sales force. The capacity to hire in such numbers at the pace set by the medium term plan is never questioned. However, this capacity to hire at the required pace will be our constraint.

Keeping in mind this approach, we have built the business plans, development plans and strategic plans of our customers.