Delegated IT project direction

it consultingManaging, controlling, coordinating, leading… All these words are covering many tasks to be performed but fail at identifying the governance and true responsibilities that has to be taken. Similarly, consultants now use the term “PMO” to refer to the simple task of maintaining a project planning or “project management support” to describe a resource not fully defined for a need that is not clearly defined either.

That is why, at Akeance Consulting, our IT consulting offer is base on the Delegated Project Management service. We provide a Project Management service, along with its responsibility. In itself, this service is not far from taking the risk and endorse the responsibility of managing a project directly for the customer. Without overlapping on the customer’s competencies of course, we believe that a deep involvement is needed to build true value when managing a project.

Of course, this Delegated Project Management offer includes the designation of a project leader with the right experience and legitimacy to manage large-scale projects. This offer can, eventually, come with a project management support in the more current sense of the term.