Your career at Akeance

Our consultants are accompanied as soon as they are integrated into their professional career within Akeance Consulting.

The integration

Each new entrant is subject to an “integration week”. This week is intended to ensure the level of expertise of soft skills by the new consultant. In this way, tests on Excel and PowerPoint are organized as well as other note-taking exercises and synthesis. At the end of the integration week, the “new entrant” is able to put his energy and skills at the service of the requirement.

In addition to this integration week, a “newcomer’s day” brings together the latest consultants who have arrived to present them both as a consultant, in the practice of this profession and in the functioning of the firm.

Moreover, throughout the year, highlights are organized (seminars, presentation of annual results, etc.), enabling the teams to be united and the founding values ​​of Akeance Consulting to be perpetuated.

One of the firm’s challenges is to develop the consultants’ knowledge in order to better understand the needs of the clients. The sharing of knowledge is based on the organization of training sessions “6 to 7”. These bi-monthly presentations aim to develop business and methodological skills. They are run by Akeance consultants.

Personal Development

At Akeance Consulting, there is no standard or typically path. Each consultant develops his own skills and has his own qualities. Mission opportunities allow everyone to build their experience. The evolution of a consultant is personal and individual.

Of course, experienced consultants (senior consultant, manager) supervise the junior consultants in order to accompany them fully in their professional success.

Strengthened by both their experience and the confidence placed in them by the firm, some consultants represent Akeance Consulting in various Federative entities that are federating a profession.

Rewarding Consultant Performance

Missions are evaluated by the consultant, a privileged moment of share between the mission manager and the consultant to express the strengths and identify areas for improvement.

At the end of each year, a meeting is organized between the consultant and two heads of mission to discuss the past year and the year to come. This is the occasion of a “freeze” image of the life of the consultant. The consultant sets out his expectations in terms of assignments and changes in the firm.

Of course, consultants’ remuneration is reviewed annually. Beyond that, in an entrepreneurial spirit, Akeance Consulting directly interests all consultants to the results of the firm. The remuneration thus includes a variable part, called “bonus of end of year”, which can represent 2 months of salary.