Recruitment process

The recruitment process at Akeance Consulting

The curriculum vitae shall be examined by the President no later than 48 hours after receipt. A courtesy mail will systematically send to the non-selected applicants.

Selected applicants will be, at best, interviewed three times:

  • A first pair of consultants will welcome the candidate. This first interview aims to verify, to ensure the reality of the candidates’ experiences and to ensure the language level (English in particular). This first binomial is also intended to present the firm as a whole.

A limited number of consultants are empowered to conduct these interviews.

Rejections of candidates are based on insufficient content in the displayed experiments and/or a deficiency in English (or even in French).

  • A second interview, always in tandem with the candidate, is intended to explain the consultant’s job to the candidate, to present the missions and to test the motivation and adaptability of the candidate to the consulting profession.

These interviews will take place in the presence of a partner in the binomial.

Rejections of candidates are based on less confidence in the behavior and/or motivation of the candidate.

  • A third interview takes place one-on-one with the President in order to answer the questions, re-discuss certain subjects and finalize the remuneration.

The decision is then taken collegially within 48 hours at the most, within the firm.