Consulting in financial services

consulting in financial servicesConsulting in financial services: an absurd context which profits us …

The financial services include a diversity of services and players. And the name of “financial services” hardly makes it possible to identify common topics a priori, except considering subjacent used by these different players: currencies, interest rates and money. However, in this period, the things do not turn out badly! The currencies are stabilized between themselves (in particular euro/dollar) in a context of very extremely public debt not to say public over-indebtedness. A kind of “race with the reserve currency” to balance the match (like Boeing against Airbus). The curves of interest rate are flat i.e. the duration of loan does not affect the rate is a form of nonsense. Much more, negative interest rates are there: soon 10,000 billion dollars of loans at negative rate. Logic but Incomprehensible. Lastly, the regulator declines its good will to protect the banking system (management tools for currencies’ security) by an arsenal of regulatory constraints: the acronyms are not enough and Bâle IV already appears. A good will which slows down obviously the granting of credit.

In such a context of paradoxes and economic schizophrenia, the banks deserve praise well. In addition, they continue to launch projects of services’ improvement, especially with digital transformation, to improve performance of their products (even if the questions which arise for the savings are complex), to secure their information systems and … to integrate all these regulatory constraints within their teams and their systems. A context which, for us, has its good sides since the growth of our activity within our “financial services” practice is particularly significant. “Crisis” and “Opportunity” are the same concept say the Chinese …

Akeance Consulting is currently a team of over seventy professional consultants with complementary skills & competencies :

  • Financial Sector : 

Financial Sector consulting accounts for many areas of expertise: customer
profitability, interest rate risk, liquidity risk, general ALM, risk and regulatory management, distribution, etc. Our capabilities cover sectors such as investment funds, asset managers, banks as well as insurances

  •  Industry & Services :

Our expertise is highly concentrated around the industrial and service sectors such as the automotive, equipment manufacturing, transportation & logistics, retail, and, in general, the processing industry. 

Our clients are landholders, social landlords, property developers, asset / property / facility managers or the real estate managements of large groups. The properties
concerned encompass housing, office, shopping center and logistics platform.