Internal Life

Participate actively in the life of the firm

Akeance Consulting promotes the sharing of knowledge and thus contributes greatly to the development of skills of each one. Personal relationships are privileged between consultants and thus promote the team spirit, a strong value of Akeance Consulting.

All the consultants participate in the internal life of the firm by:

  • Enrichment/completion of proposals (internal and external support), tools around workshops;
  • Business development (identification/definition of needs, preparation of proposals (technical/financial files);
  • The participation of consultants in the recruitment process (co-optation, meet candidates, present Akeance Consulting in universities/schools, etc.).

Beyond active participation in all stages of the firm’s development, consultants have the opportunity to meet more informally for:

  • Monthly business meetings (Industrial Services, Real Estate and Financial Services) whose objective is to monitor the development plan (commercial actions, current sector issues, etc.);
  • Quarterly coordination meetings aiming to present the topicality of the firm’s life (new consultants, missions in progress / futures, turnover, projections, etc).

Enrich your knowledge and get to know each other better

Akeance Consulting offers mini-seminars to its consultants on a bi-monthly basis. The presentations provide an opportunity to develop knowledge on themes (regulatory, business, functional, etc.) and to draw up state-of-the-art areas of activity in order to optimize our knowledge on customer’s stakes.

In addition, our consultants participate regularly in events of Place with vocation of technical or sectoral training.

Finally, Akeance Consulting provides its consultants with behavioral training so that everyone can better control both his projected image and his behavior.