Sales & commercial Network

The entity “Sales and Commercial Network” covers a wide range of activities: profitability per client, implementation of an online distribution channel, harmonisation of a commercial network, sales force management, productivity of commercial branches, etc. Among these examples, some are more directly linked to a “quantitative approach of things to do”.

Indeed, “sales force” very often means large teams, different backgrounds, sales points varying in size, large range of products and services, and often sophisticated ones.

That is why Akeance Consulting developed a specific methodology called “DNOL” (standing for Distribution Network Optimisation Leverages), that takes into account the tasks that are actually performed by each player. The assessment of the time devoted to each task, whether based on declarative questionnaires or selective measurements of specific tasks, is often wrong or biased. The DNOL method, in a way, records all along the day the various tasks performed, the time devoted, the product or service involved, for which client or prospect, face to face or online, etc. This dedicated approach focusing on time spent per tasks by salespeople is reliable and positively considered by the contributors.

From this information repository we draw analyses, based on the client’s primary concerns. These analyses may deal directly with the level of productivity but also with the definition of individual or point of sales objectives, the responsibilities and job contents, and the task transfer from one distribution channel to another, etc.

The operational feasibility of the distribution function transformation strongly relies on the reliability of the collected information.