The more experienced professionals remember that the major consulting firms (then referred to as the « big eight ») used to claim they were consultants in organisation.

This title actually referred to what we now call “business process reengineering”.

This activity remains within the scope of Akeance Consulting. Business process reengineering is still a topical issue. Now pursuing various objectives: security and quality of a service, search for productivity gains, outcome from a change in management practices or IT system, compliance to internal or external risk regulation, etc. The tools and methods used are often identical across all our assignments, and throughout the various industries. The success of our interventions always relies upon the level of detail in the analysis and the precision in the operational recommendation.

Beyond these process reengineering projects, organisational consulting also includes the following: redefinition of large groups organisation charts either after merger or an acquisition or following a management decision to overhaul its “organisational gameboard”.

The projects aimed at assessing insourcing or outsourcing scenarios also belong to this category. Analysis of the financial issues and implications always go alongside the organisational part of the transformation projects.