Consulting in Mass distribution

Through its Mass Distribution consulting offer, Akeance Consulting accompanies groups in their Financial, strategic, and organisational problematics.

Margin reliability

Facing the increased competitive pressure, the mastering of your distribution model and its profitability is at the heart of your monitoring and your strategy.

We assist you in:

  • assessing and reengineering your financial management model (costs allocation, analytical framework…);
  • ensuring an efficient margin monitoring: analysis and improvement of all the margin components (buying price, sale price, stocks valuation, costs of goods sold,…), margin reconciliation;
  • controlling and maximizing your commercial joint products with your suppliers: target rebate schemes, discounts,….

Reporting and performance management

Facing major changes in the economic landscape and the distribution channels, you need a more accurate view on your markets and your business units to monitor your costs and objectives.

We provide our expertise in:

  • modelling and implementing dedicated dashboards for each activity;
  • specifying or redefining your KPI’s, ratios optimisation (breakage, markdown, stock…) through corrective action plans;
  • supporting your development: business plan conception, financial needs forecasts, synergies identification;
  • organising and exploiting your big data resources (cash registers lines, customers files, suppliers and goods sold references…) and building relevant analytical models;
  • optimising your budget process and implementing rolling forecasts;
  • reducing financial reporting lead times and accelerating the decisional process.

Cash management and WCR

Financing your growth and managing your cash are key components of your strategy. Therefore, in a credit crunch environment you are looking for alternative financing solutions.

We help you to:

  • design and implement indebtedness control and cash flow forecasting tools;
  • implement a supplier financing strategy (Supply Chain Finance / Reverse Factoring);
  • assess and ensure the payment process, the billing process and the banking reconciliation;
  • optimise your changing treasury processes: TMS deployment, cash pool implementation.

Procurement and logistics

Logistics is a key component of your strategy. You want to secure your Supply Chain, you foresee potential economies or you lack visibility on flows organization.

We help you to:

  • enhance your analysis tools and methods to improve control over logistics-related costs (costing, invoices disputes management, purchasing of services, teams and fleet sizing…);
  • optimise your sourcing strategy and set up supply chain management models;
  • improve stock management , select and implement specific software (WMS implementation, reliability of inventory movements, replenishment and reservation, holdings…);
  • ameliorate control over invoicing and outstanding bills management.

Diversification and transversal projects

Your strategy has driven you to develop supporting or new activities. You wish to keep a close control on these activities in a changing environment (concentration, diversification or M&A).

We provide our expertise in:

  • managing your non-core activities (consumer financial services, production lines, real estate,…) by delivering you our multi-sectorial expertise;
  • redesign operational and financial processes: internal audit procedures, shared services centers;
  • implementing your IT projects: due diligence, needs analysis, IT tools benchmarking, project management.